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Dehydrated vegetable soup favored by white-collar workers

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No need to enter the kitchen, do not have to buy vegetables to wash vegetables, a simple boiled water, a delicious vegetable soup came out, such a convenient soup material received the favor of white-collar workers.
Nowadays, there are many kinds of dehydrated vegetable soups that are ready to eat on the market. There are seaweed egg soup, shrimp seafood soup, hot and sour soup, mushroom soup and so on. After dehydration processing, it is made into a block shape, which is divided into small bags. When it is eaten, it is brewed with boiling water. The block vegetable cake quickly loosens and absorbs water, which becomes a vegetable soup. The taste is also delicious, and it is almost the same as the soup that is made.
I understand that many white-collar workers are reluctant to go out to eat after entering the winter. They will choose this simple dehydrated vegetable soup and make delicious soup in 5 minutes. Many people feel that they are going out to eat in the cold weather. If you don't need to talk about long queues, everyone is very busy. If you are in the office, you can enjoy the warm vegetable soup. This vegetable soup is rich in essential nutrients, which ensures the intake of nutrients to a certain extent.
In addition to being processed into vegetable soup, Cuiyuan believes that a single dehydrated vegetable without seasoning is also good for simple salad dishes. Several kinds of dehydrated vegetables such as carrots, lettuce, and onions are added and seasoned and mixed. A nice cold dish.