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Work flow

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Raw material selection, pretreatment, cleaning, cutting, blanching, dipping, cooling, drying, drying, grading screening, product sorting, metal detection, packaging
2. Main points
(1) raw material selection: fresh, pollution-free raw materials should be selected when green Onions are generally selected.
(2) pre-treatment: root removal, whisker removal, and yellow wormwood leaves removal.
(3) cutting: it can be cut into slices, cubes or strips as required.
(4) blanching: blanching time should be different according to the different raw materials, generally to blanching vegetables transparent, tissue slightly soft for the degree.
(5) soaking cold: after scalding dehydrated vegetables, soaking in cold solution is mainly to rapidly reduce the high temperature during scalding and reduce the loss of vitamin C, chlorophyll and carrots.
(6) disinfection: cut into the shape of vegetables through potassium hypochlorite disinfection tank for sterilization and disinfection, so that the product meets the health standards.
(7) drying: the drying of vegetables can greatly shorten the baking time and reduce the excessive loss of nutrients caused by too long baking time. When throwing dry, use centrifuge of high speed rotate commonly, the free water in vegetable is taken out.
(8) baking: baking is the key factor affecting the quality of dehydrated vegetable products, because the appropriate baking temperature and baking time are selected according to the different raw materials to produce high-quality products.
(9) classification and screening: semi-finished products are selected and vibrated to remove the unqualified super-large products and ultra-fine products to meet the specifications and standards.
(10) finished product sorting: the product is manually selected by the sorting workshop to select unqualified products.
(11) metal detection: remove metal impurities in the product.
(12) packaging: packaging leaves the factory.