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Jiangsu tiankang biotechnology co., LTD

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Jiangsu Tiankang Biotechnology Co., LTD

This company is located in the beautiful and rich water xinghua city, is the country's largest dehydrated fruit and vegetable production and processing base. The factory area of the company is 14800 square meters, the fixed assets investment 28.6 million yuan, 168 employees, professional engaged in all kinds of dehydrated vegetable series products intensive processing, is committed to exploring and expanding a variety of natural healthy food products series, is a collection of base planting, food research and development, production, marketing as one of the comprehensive food enterprises. Tiankang enterprise from the establishment of xinghua tiankang food factory in 1996 to now, the company has a unique geographical advantages, rich quality agricultural and sideline product resources, many years of industry management experience, advanced production equipment and facilities, practical innovative service concept, these factors enable the company to meet the requirements of domestic and foreign buyers. Sincere cooperation, create value for customers; Pioneering and innovative, let the company sustainable development!
Company products: dehydrated vegetables, dehydrated fruit and vegetable powder, substitute tea, solid drinks, seasoning powder... According to the requirements of customers, we can process and package all kinds of products such as circles, slices, granules, strips and powders. Company concurrently engaged in a variety of health and health leisure food products; There is also a small packaging production workshop, specializing in customized processing of various oems, mixing bags and vegetable bags production, as well as for the company's exclusive development and production of various types of healthy food.
The company's products are currently applicable to many areas of the food industry. Mainly: convenient food enterprises for the production of various vegetable packages; Seasoning food enterprises for the production of various ingredients; Baking food enterprises used for the production of products color seasoning; Hotel catering enterprises for direct coleslaw side dishes to eat; Pet food enterprises are used for color matching of products to increase the use of multi-dimensional nutrition; Acting as a distributor for direct sales, with entrepreneurial common development.